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We are here to help you accomplish it.

Your ideas

Our goal is to enable you to fulfill your ideas, projects or ambitions.

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We can help

We can help you with your plans, whether they are related to your profession, your private project, or if it is your only hobby.

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You do not have to set up your own business to find out if your business idea will work.

We help you in the implementation of your projects, regardless of whether they are related to your business, a private project or even a passion. In other words, if you have a project or even an idea, and if you are not sure that you are ready to commit to the creation of a company because you would like to know before if it is a sensible idea - Contact us. We surely have a solution for you.


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Our connections

Our activity consists in bringing together economical actors: companies, organizational units and individuals. In short, all those who would be interested in working together or providing mutual services.

About us

You want to get engaged on the red carpet of the Palais de Cannes, to go on a trip with a group of friends in South Africa or to emigrate with your family to Canada - we may be able to help you.

If any company wants to buy tons of mushrooms from Poland, sew ten thousand jackets in China, or organize an event combined with a concert - it can do so with our help.

If you intend to open your own business, but you do not have any certainty, you can also start by engaging yourself with us. Once you succeed and your business begins to make good profits, you will detach yourself and fly on your own.



Large production orders

We are able to supply dozens of tons of Polish mushrooms to any European contractor.

Sprzedaż domków

Sale of cottages

Delivery of ready-made cottages to anywhere in Europe

Szycie odzieży w Chinach

Sewing clothes in China

Order to sew tens of thousands of jackets in China.

Zaręczyny w Cannes

Special moments

Departure to the Côte d'Azur and an engagement on the steps of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.


Unforgettable travels

Travel with a group of friends to South Africa. Safari.


Renovation of apartments and houses

We undertake comprehensive home renovations. We can send our team of professionals anywhere in the world.



Our contacts

Join us

Do you have ideas for your activity?

We offer you a solution that will enable you to start your business without unnecessary costs or creating an entity beforehand. If your project is accepted, we will sign a contract and you can start your activity under our trademark. To do this, we invite you to complete the following steps:

krok 1

Send an email with your idea or a description of your project to us at: [email protected] Specify your qualifications and whether your project requires special infrastructure or equipment and if they are in your possession. If necessary, you must also specify the budget that you want to allocate to your project and whether you are able to finance it.

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After accepting your application, we will sign an appropriate agreement. This is a contract model that will allow you, in a completely autonomous way, to start your own business under our trademark.

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As a representative of our company you will be required to sign contracts with your clients. Then we will jointly sign a "subcontracting" contract to carry out the operations. Both contracts will be prepared with you in advance to best meet the needs of all contracting parties. Whenever possible, we will process everything via Internet using e-mail and other digital means.

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Once you have completed the services, we will be able to issue an invoice to your customer as a proper entity: International Consulting.

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When we will receive a payment, we will immediately return to you the amount shown on the subcontract concluded between us. Usually this amount is reduced by a small percentage (our commission) of the net value on the invoice.

We handle everything via the Internet.

You're welcome,

I hope that the concept of our activity that I have just presented will attract your attention. Please note that we check the reliability of the companies and individuals who wish to be in our database and that we charge commissions for the collaboration and the execution of the contracts. We are aware that anyone can avoid these costs by using the Internet, but our services are still remarkable because they are based on cooperation between trusted people. I would also like to point out that if there are projects we can not help you with, we will inform you clearly and explicitly. In addition, we never expose our clients to unnecessary costs or force them to cooperate with contacts that are uninteresting. We also have a proposal that should arouse your interest if you want to start your own business in the future. Without a doubt, International Consulting will be able to count you among its clients or business partners. I invite you to contact us.

We wish you prosperity in your work and success in achieving your ambitions.

Piotr Fijałkowski

Piotr Fijałkowski



Please, describe your needs briefly. After reviewing your e-mail we will know if our company will be able to meet your needs and ensure a positive evolution to your project. We will swiftly reply by e-mail.

Sending a completed form is tantamount to consenting to the storage and processing of data provided by you and the persons on whose behalf you are acting. The data controller is International Consulting Sp. z o.o.

In case of emergency, you can contact us at the following number:

flaga polska flaga francuska   +48 693 791 963

flaga francuska flaga angielska   +33 683 91 37 38